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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Revolution Through Practice and Fluid Relations

Rolf Scott, Marina Gold of the Egalitarianism research group, has recently published a new book at Palgrave Macmillan US, named Read more …

Reflections on Charlie Hebdo and Comments in the American Anthropologist

Rolf Scott, The Event of Charlie Hebdo; Imageries of Freedom and Control and comments from Angelique Haugerud in American Anthropologist Read more …

Brexit and Remain: A pox on all their house


This text by Bruce Kapferer was firstly published in Focaalblog August 18, 2016, Focaalblog

DSC_0252Bruce Kapferer, giving a lecture in Ascona, March 2016


A crisis is always good for humor. The English satirical magazine Private Eye caught the spirit of uncertainty and the possible tragedy of Brexit—that many of those who voted for it may have intensified their abjection as a result. One spoof comment for The Daily Turkeygraph (a composite of the conservative Daily Mail and Telegraph papers) written by Jeremy Paxo (a reference to the news commentator Jeremy Paxman, also a brand of stuffing mix) was headlined “TURKEYS VOTE FOR CHRISTMAS IN REFERENDUM CLIFFHANGE.R. Another for The Indepandent (sic, The Independent, a liberal/conservative paper) headlined “BRITAIN VOTES TO LEAVE FRYING PAN AND JUMP INTO FIRE.”

Read more …

Grassroots Challenging “Liberal Democracies”

Rolf Scott The Occupy Movement in San Francisco and Ireland, and The Shale Gas Development in the UK; Grassroots Challenging “liberal Read more …