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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Making a mark at the University of Bergen

Rolf Scott Anna Szolucha of the Egalitarianism project has achieved significant acknowledgement for the excellence of her research from the Read more …

An Introduction to Excoticism

This is the introduction chapter of Bruce Kapferer and Dimitros Thodossopoulos book “Against Exoticism: Towards the Transcendence of Relativism and Universialism in Anthropology (2016)“, published by Berghahn Books. The text, is a tour de force of anthropology and its at times troublesome relationship to the exotic, and presents as well the importance of the exotic in regards to analyzing fieldwork and the human condition.


The exotic, in its countless connotations, stirs our imagination. Marvelous and mysterious, dangerous, deceptive, or corrupt, the exotic is an inherently relational term that presupposes an awareness of Otherness. Etymologically, it is rooted in externality, derived from the Greek adverb éxo (outside) and adjective exotikós (from the outside).1 Seen as what comes from the outside—the strange, the outlandish, the unexpected—the exotic predicates evaluations, metaphors, and categories of knowledge (Fernandez 1986; Lévi-Strauss 1962). For many, anthropology as an idea and as an academic discipline begins in the encounter with the exotic.

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Against Exoticism

Professor Bruce Kapferer at the Egalitarianism project and Professor Dimitrios Theodossopoulos from the University of Kent, have recently published a new edited book at  Berghahn Books  named “Against Exoticism: Toward the Transcendence of Relativism and Universalism in Anthropology (1 Dec. 2016) “.

The book adresses major issues within Anthropology and that are also important in order to understand processes of Egalitarianism. To quote the blurb;

“Anthropology begins in the encounter with the ‘exotic’: what stands outside of-and challenges-conventional or established understandings.

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