Now 75% Off! Those who often utilizes flashlights want something that goes above and beyond their expectations of a portable light. The benefits X700 Tactical Flashlight offer you a reliable and powerful product that can shine light upon the darkest situations is extremely important. Simply ask any emergency and military personal or outdoor enthusiast. One situation to the next can vary dramatically so you need equipment that provides flexible application. Best Tactical Flashlight A single moment may require simply viewing an ID up close. While moments later you could be hustling in the dark searching for a perpetrator in pitch darkness requiring long range illumination, which is precisely what the X700 Military Flashlight offers. Perhaps you are trying to load your rifle in the early hours before sunrise for a hunt and later during sunset are searching for your quarry.

The Tactical X700 Flashlight is the right tool for any job. Not only does it bring the most advanced and reliable illumination technology to the table, but it offers superior standards of quality, convenience and adaptability. Whether you are a survivalist looking for a portable light to stand up to a rugged environment, or a police officer responding to a call, you can rely on this the X700 Tactical Flashlight to provide you with what you need.

What Is The Tactical X700 Flashlight?

There are situations in which you need instant and efficient illumination. When you are in a dangerous situation, relying on inferior equipment can mean the difference between safety and injury, or worse. Tactical X700 Flashlight delivers advanced luminescent technology. X700 Tactical Flashlight is made with Aircraft Grade Aluminum providing you with an ultra light and ultra tough flashlight. The X700 Flashlight is both powerful and reliable for a multitude of applications. Just check out the stats!5 Different Modes:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • SOS
  • Strobe

Telescopic Focus:

  • x 1
  • x 250x 500
  • x 1000
  • x 2000

Tactical X700 Flashlight Is Tough!

If you choose a standard LED light before you try Tactical X700 Flashlight you will not only be wasting your money but settling for an inferior product. Tactical X700 is not your ordinary portable light. Not only does it provide an array of illuminating features but it can also gives you some extra protection. This is due to its strong, beveled edge that is designed to offer you a self-defense option. There is no way to know how dramatically a situation can change. Thanks to the smart and superior quality design of the X700 Military Flashlight you can be better prepared when things go south.

  • Tactical X700 Flashlight:
  • 5 Illumination Modes
  • Zoomabale: 1x-2000x
  • Ultra Light/Durable
  • Powerful 700 Lumens
  • Convenient AAA Power
  • Self Defense Design

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