The President of the Hellenic Parliament, Zoe Konstantopoulou, has set up a Debt Truth Commission to evaluate whether parts of the Greek debt is illegal, odious, illegitimate or unsustainable. The Commission will look at the human rights impacts of paying the Greek foreign debt, and is expected to present preliminary findings mid-June 2015. One of the members of the Egalitarianism project, Phd fellow Maria Dyveke Styve, was invited to take part in the Commissions meetings in May. Styve is not an official member in the Commission but has previously worked as a political advisor for SLUG – Debt Justice Norway, and became involved in the debt movement over ten years ago. She recently commented on the Greek debt crisis for the Norwegian news outlet Dagsnytt 18, and you can listen to the recording here.



Maria Dyveke Styve

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