The research of the different members of the group are categorised in this section as subheading with independent titles. The research reflects the diversity of the group in regards to investigating and opening up issues relating to egalitarianism. A large part of the group will be doing research on different radical egalitarian movements like for example Alessandro Zagata’s investigations into the Zapatist movement in Chiapas, Mexico.

Others will be investigating more obviously global configurations, as in Bruce Kapferer’s study of how capitalism is played and experimented in the margins by analysing of the nature of casino cities including Las Vegas, Monaco and Macao.

Most of the research will be based on extensive fieldwork in one or several location. However, the present dynamics of an increasingly more globalized world, and the transforming dynamics of its technological development also necessitates deep analyses into understanding the global from new perspectives, including studying the social impact aspects of the Internet and other technologies.