Technology; individual liberation and a challenge to egalitarianism

Rolf Scott

Egalitarianism is undoubtedly a global concern. As such, our interest in technology relates among others to how individuals or groups interrelate with the global through different technologies. The seemingly liberating technologies of for example the Internet has enabled the individual to interact within a virtualised global space and what may be named a global public sphere. However, individual windows or portals to the world have also enabled corporations and states to engage in mass surveillance of individuals and consequently analyse, direct and control individuals and groups in ways that are unprecedented.

New technologies are further transforming work and in an increasing degree replacing skilled work and ultimately the human being. As such the present and in particular the Western world is seeing an increase segregation of populations, marked by the enormous wealth of certain elites and the radical growth of individuals disfranchised from the self-transforming and egalitarian possibilities of being able to gain steady well paid work.

The Egalitarianism project intends to look more closely at certain aspects of the problems mentioned above.